About Us

A Little More was created out of my desire to have a creative outlet. I had taken metal working classes and other various jewelry classes through the years. However, soldering metal in the kitchen of my apartment didn’t seem like viable option. After researching I found that I could design my heart away in illustrator and have those images laser cut into acrylic, in every shade of the rainbow. I quickly learned how to do just that and with the assistance of my laser cutting wizard, I had my first pair of earrings.

The entire idea around my line is to have fun and affordable earrings to add just a little extra sparkle to your day. I personally wear tested- all of my designs and components to make sure they were a quality I would be proud of. All of the components are made of either surgical steel, sterling silver or a 14k gold fill, making sure your dazzling earrings wont leave you feeling or looking green.

I hope you find these earrings as fun and as eye catching as I do and that I can add just A Little More something to your day.